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Eceni Village and Tribe

Eceni Tribe Eceni Elder Bartering for Wool Mogroth Eceni Tribe Eceni Women Eceni Woman Inside Hut At Work Satan The Sheep Ralph The Quiet One Aliorix in the Main Hall Wooden Bowls Meal Spinning Brooch Bartering Warriors  

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The Eceni/Iceni Village.

The Eceni Study Centre and Permaculture Experience. due to open soon at Wells next the Sea, Norfolk.

2,000 years ago, the Eceni tribe, faced with the brutality of Rome, rose up in arms against their oppressors. That was 60-61A.D. 

Today, a small group of enthusiasts have spent the last couple of years re-creating a settlement of the Eceni people as it may have looked at that time. They intend this to be a place where modern day visitors can meet the ancestors, a place to explore the everyday lifestyles of 2,000 years ago - hands on.






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